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Types of Support  (Loving Care Comes Standard)

  • Companionship, activities and guidance.

  • Assistance with bill paying, correspondence, phone calls, filing, emailing, Skype conversations and social media (i.e. Facebook).

  • Arranging for special events and celebrations.

  • Transportation to medical appointments, shopping, errands and other activities using the client’s or caregiver’s automobile.

  • Playing games, scrap-booking, crafts and letter writing.

  • Cleaning, organizing, maintaining the home, including packing, unpacking and removal of clutter.

  • Laundry services including washing, drying, folding and ironing of clothing and linens.

  • Shopping for clothing, household items, cleaning supplies and other needs.

  • Menu planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, serving, cleaning up and food storage.

  • Assisting with medication compliance.

  • Assistance with providing safe ambulation by reminding clients to use walkers and wheelchairs when needed and assisting with more complex equipment such as Hoyer lifts.

  • Assistance with bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, toileting and sensitive assistance with incontinent and related care and supply needs.

  • Regular physical activity and exercise.

  • Tracking vital signs, weight, intake and output, sleeping habits, activities and other information that may be requested by the client, family or physicians.

  • Pet support including walking, feeding and waste cleanup.

  • Bucket-list fulfillment (whenever possible!)

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