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In Home Memory Care

In Home memory care is a great alternative for assisted living and nursing homes. We understands the challenges that come with having a family member with memory loss. The decision of how to best care for individuals with memory loss is challenging and can be overwhelming.

Northwest Healthcare offers specially trained caregivers with the knowledge and skills to work with alzheimer’s and dementia patients . Our in-home memory care services can be an option to retirement community, memory care facility and nursing homes. We can provide personal and individual care to keep them safe at home. The most comfortable environment for someone with memory loss is familiar surroundings. Staying at home, keeping the same routines, and maintaining a ordinary lifestyle will result in less confusion and anxiety. One of the most important parts of our care plan includes engaging our memory loss clients in rewarding daily activities. We will take 1-2 steps of familiar activities that the individual did in their past and create opportunities for engagement. Feeling like you are still contributing provides such positive mental health. 

Our caregivers can monitor the progression of memory loss, confusion, and the behavioral changes associated with dementia. This will help us maintain an ongoing customized care plan. As changes development with the disease we can make adjustment in the care plan to provide the best possible care and safe living environment. 

What In-Home Memory care can provide:

  • Customized care plan based on clients past and current needs.

  • Monitor and manage changing behaviors.

  • Personal care and hygiene.

  • Provide medication reminders, and assistance.

  • Transportation, shopping and medical escort.

  • Laundry and housekeeping.

  • Specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia trained caregivers.

  • Seasonal appropriate dressing.

  • Provide nutritious meals.

  • Allows the senior to remain safe and calm in their home.

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