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Medication Management

Solutions for seniors with medication related problems

Seniors benefit more from prescription drugs than any other age group in Vancouver WA. They are also  more likely  to overdose or under-dose due to confusion, misunderstanding instruction from the pharmacy or physician, and difficulty reading small print on prescription bottles for proper dosage. Medication management can help prevent medication errors.

Every medication carries some risk, due to potential mismanagement (known as non-compliance), as well as possible side effects, allergic reactions or interactions with other drugs, alcohol or food. Add to this the fact that older adults are generally more sensitive to drugs—owing to slower metabolisms and organ functions--the potential for problems is even greater.


Northwest Healthcare can help prevent Non-compliance medication mistakes 

Our goal is to reduce medication errors and non-compliance by coaching the client on proper medication use, while working with a clients’ physicians and pharmacy to understand the medications, possible interactions, and the actual medication issues a client is experiencing.

We provide an in-depth review and analysis of prescriptive and “over the counter” medications, supplements, drug-to-drug and food-to-drug interactions, potential side effects, and client medication practices. We work directly with the client to develop an understanding of good medication practices through individualized medication management.


Examples of what Medication Management can provide:

  • Oversee medication pickup from pharmacy to make sure they get there prescriptions.

  • Small print on prescription can be hard to read for seniors, we can help assure proper dosage.

  • Multiple medications can be confusing, with different times and dosages, seniors can be overwhelmed trying to manage medication.

  • Memory loss may cause them to forget to take their medication. We can help with medication reminders.

  • Medication packaging can be a problem for seniors. Hard to open containers and blister packs can be difficult to open.
    We can assistance to avoided medication non-compliance.

  • Some medications require food with medicine. We can stress the importance and assist.

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